By: Jojo Rabanal

Are you wondering the mystery of living creatures in this Universe? We all know that we are not the only galaxy that exists throughout this Universe. Did you already ask yourself if there are other creatures that do exist . Let us discover the truth behind the mysteries about this featured topic. Continue reading “Aliens”

Little Thing Call Life

By: Jojo Rabanal

Are you wondering where do we came from. Are we from other planets who is product of technology of other creatures? Or we just came out from a bamboo ?  Or  a result of different species of many generations that passes by simple ” EVOLUTION” .Other says that are an organism that came under the sea and lives in land a billion years ago. And lastly, most of all says that we are a creature of “God”.You have many choices and you are free to choose do you really came from. Continue reading “Little Thing Call Life”

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